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Di Casa - Sicilian extra virgin olive oil

Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Di Casa Sicily.

It is Sicily, our idea
of E.V.O.O.!

Grown in our Sicilian olive grove and cold pressed. Di Casa is the authentic superior quality extra virgin olive oil, 100% Made in Italy.

Bottle of 500ml - Extra virgin olive oil

Bottle of 500ml $15.50

Can of 3L - Extra virgin olive oil

Can of 3L $49.00 each.


as once

Ours is a story of transparency, quality and respect towards consumers and of sedimented traditions that represent the "humus" of our production systems.




Di Casa is a brand with a genesis of long standing. Our principles and our cornerstones draw inspiration from our home land, Sicily in 1950.


to discover

Through a series of itineraries will guide you in the territories surrounding olive groves from which we produce our oil, to the discovery of unusual places, natural pearls and festivities.

Nothing unites more than good food.

Do not give up the delights of Sicilian cuisine, imagination and expression of the typical dishes of the past.