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The company

Di Casa

The values of the past and the strict rules that our ancestors, farmers inland, have handed down, today condition our production processes.

Our principles are inspired by our original Terra, Sicily in 1950.

Our values and the tenets

Respect for people, places and history have influenced our knowledge by creating values tied to tradition. Attention to detail and attention to health principles are our cornerstones.

Production and partners

We handle the selection of varieties and product processing for seeking a special oil. We work alongside experienced women and men to verify the quality of the production cycle.

Enhancing the tradition

Di Casa was born with the aim of enhancing the varieties of Centro Sicilia. Values that guide us are the same transmitted for generations: link with territory, respect for tradition and history.

Eco-friendly development

The company, engages with responsibilities to one eco-compatible and cultural development of its territory, recalling the one-time farming can generate genuine products with the only human effort.

Preservation and promotion

Enhancing the area also means preserving the identity and promote excellence through sustainable development. One way of doing traditional business that fails, however, to look away.