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our origins


I had just eight years. In the early hours of dawn on all of his grandfather wagon to the lands of "la petra di l'umu" near Santa Croce. Until dusk, all clinging to the branches of trees to uproot the fruits.

The Milling

After the harvest, in the evening, the bags of olives were loaded on the wagon and go to "u trappitu" the mill of the country, which for the occasion dressed as a crusher.


After pressing, my grandfather was distributing part of proceeds from oil: 1/4 "au metatiri" (The tenant), a little to family that had contributed to the collection, the rest was sold or bartered.


Born Di Casa s.r.l.s. with the intent to promote the heritage of the flavors of Sicily, our land that has left us many memories. It develops in Pietraperzia, the focus of our roots.


Begins a careful and detailed work aimed at the choice of supply lands, to the selection of the olives, the bottling and marketing stages.


The innate vocation to spread in countries near and far, the flavors of our beloved island, become the essence of our brand, while respecting the traditions and culture of Sicily Centre.