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territories of

our oil

Di Casa is headquartered in Pietraperzia in the heart of Sicily. Petra, populated by Sicani who controlled the Himera river dominated from above like a fortress.

Pietraperzia our headquarters

We are in a semi-arid environment, chalky-sulfur low rainfall and scarcity of sources. From this land was born our oil, intense, strong and with strong historical connotations.

The climate and soil

Temperate climate on calcareous soils. The high summer temperatures and low atmospheric humidity, which are recorded for most of the year, facilitating the quality of our harvest.

The olive tree is the environmental conditions favorable for a luxuriant growth, flowering and ripening of the fruit.

Our olive groves

The production area falls sull'areale the Province of Caltanissetta. The lands of the capital, San Cataldo, Serradifalco and Delia, provide the benefits that can expect wisely intended for extra virgin olive oil.

Know the area

Know the culture of our territory, the Civilizations & egrave; we are part of means to interact with the environment and re-appropriate, to evoke the common roots and historical memory.