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Omelette with beans and mazzareddi

The "mazzaredd", "Amarelli" or "amaretti", are known in the rest of Italy as well as broccoli or wild cabbage. For their bitter taste is used to accompany them with eggs for an omelet, or with pasta.


Spaghetti with sea urchins

Pasta with sea urchins is a perfect recipe to enhance the taste of the fish. Hedgehogs with simplicity and goodness in fact enhance the scent of the sea, guaranteeing all the Mediterranean flavor.


Extra virgin olive oil biscuits

The biscuits with olive oil are prepared biscuits with a pastry where the butter is replaced by our extra virgin olive oil: "House Of Oil". They're great for dipping in milk at breakfast.


Caponata: aubergines, capers, olives

The caponata are endless variations: with or without the peppers with pine nuts, no potatoes, only with eggplant. Only Sicilian DOC know the original because it is a traditional dish.


Macco beans, mussels and tomatoes

Macco bean is among the oldest and tasty Sicilian recipes, Eun authentic dish of the poor peasant cuisine. It has spread throughout Sicily, with some variations depending on the province.


Rice arancini to Palermo

Arancini are one of the most famous recipes from Sicily. The classics are stuffed with meat sauce and mozzarella, but you can pick to make them special with your fancy.


Bruschetta, octopus, arugula and tomatoes

These colorful bruschetta with octopus carpaccio are perfect for an aperitif. They are tasty, with a good smell of the sea, but at the same time also very fresh.