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Spaghetti with

sea urchins

Spaghetti with sea urchins

Preparation time: 5 MInutes
doses: 4 People
Cooking times: 10 Minutes
Cost: Medium
Difficolties: Low


400 grams of spaghetti
sea urchin eggs q.s.
1 clove garlic
Parsley q.s.
extra virgin olive oil Di Casa
chili q.s.
salt to taste

Pasta with sea urchins is a perfect recipe to enhance the taste of the fish. Hedgehogs with simplicity and goodness in fact enhance the scent of the sea, guaranteeing all the Mediterranean flavor.


To prepare spaghetti with sea urchins started to open curly, you can see the cooking school, how to clean the sea urchins for all steps in detail. Use the size curly and sheared the top of the curl that you recognize from the mouth, rinse the hedgehog under running water. Proceed at this point to remove the eggs with a teaspoon helping by picking only the orange (make sure that the color you see). 1 kg of curls you should get about 70 grams of pulp. Keep the pulp aside.

Put a large pot full of water to add salt to a boil: serve & agrave; to cook the pasta. Wash the zucchini and trim on both sides. Then cut lengthwise to make two met & agrave; and from these derived of half moons of about 1 cm thick. In a pan pour l & rsquo; oil and add the & rsquo; whole garlic peeled and who have taken away the soul (the part garlic green). Fry also the zucchini lightly and paid.
Cook over medium heat for 4-5 minutes. Add salt and pepper. Remove the & rsquo; garlic, and pour the urchin, stir and cook a few minutes, 2-3 will be enough.

Then pour in the white wine and let evaporate a few moments alcohol over medium heat (do ensure that it remains a p memorize options of wine to the pan). Then you can turn off the heat. Meanwhile, the water will be & agrave; came to a boil, add salt and pour the pasta. Cook the spaghetti al dente and drain directly in the sauce of hedgehogs and zucchini.

Sauté over medium heat, adding a ladle of pasta cooking water to make the pi & ugrave seasoning; cream and stir. Turn off the heat and Serve your spaghetti with sea urchins.

You should consume the dish when ready.
Hedgehogs can be kept in a bowl immersed in cold water in the refrigerator but do not wait too many days to consume them. When you notice that the stings are more nn & ugrave; thesis, this & egrave; a sign that the hedgehog & egrave; dead and should not be consumed. Alternatively you can keep eggs extracted from curly in a container covered with a wet cloth for a day at most.
Is better not to freeze to preserve all the flavor of sea urchins, otherwise you can freeze the eggs for 15 days at most.

You can use parsley to flavor spaghetti with sea urchins. You can also opt for the addition of tomatoes, past or decide to implement it only with the pulp of sea urchins!

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