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Omelette with beans and


Omelette with beans and mazzareddi

Preparation time: 20 Minutes
doses: 4 People
Cooking times: 10 Minutes
Cost: Low
Difficolties: Easy


a bunch of mazzareddi
200 g of beans to clean
5 eggs
40 g of cheese for grating
extra virgin olive oil Di Casa
vegetable broth q.s.
salt q.s.

The "mazzaredd", "Amarelli" or "amaretti", are known in the rest of Italy as well as broccoli or wild cabbage. For their bitter taste is used to accompany them with eggs for an omelet, or with pasta.


Tick and wash mazzareddi (only the tender part, so that near the tip) and place in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and a glass of water. Season with salt, stir and cover.
Cook until they are tender, if necessary add more hot water, but little.
Wash the fava beans and trim the ends. Boil in salted water for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, prepare the eggs for the omelet slammed with a whisk or fork in a dish with high sides, add salt and pepper. If you wish, add the cheese and a few mint leaves.

When mazzareddi are tender and the cooking liquid evaporates, add a little extra virgin olive oil (if necessary) pour in the previously beaten eggs, stir with a wooden spoon and press lightly to compact the mixture. Proceed as for any omelet, and cook on one side and then the other also.
The omelette can be enjoyed either hot or at room temperature, strictly with good fresh bread.

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